Albulen Maksuti

La Crosse' WI

You made a great decision! By you taking the time out of your day to check out what we are all about is the first step to getting that dream body, and or earning an income with Vi! But first, my name is Albulen Maksuti, but you can call me Albi for short. I am an Executive Director with Vi and I'm the second youngest shareholder in this multi billion dollar company! Up above is a short 4 minute video that will show you a few Vi success stories! Once you've done that, fill out your info in the bo


Meet Vi. We’re a global healthy lifestyle company, and we transform lives.

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Meet Vi. We’re a global healthy lifestyle company, and we transform lives.

We’ve already inspired more than 3 million transformations, given away over $100 million in prizes, and served ½ billion shakes (and counting!) to become the #1 Challenge transformation platform in the world.

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3 Simple Steps

Conquer your Health & Fitness Goals – one CHALLENGE at a time!

Step 1: Set a Goal

What is YOUR Health Goal for the next 90 days?

Step 2: Select a Kit


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Over $10,000 prize value for Annual Champion

  • Tropical Dream Vacation ($5,000 value)
  • 1 year of FREE product ($3,600 value)
  • Branding package ($5,000 value).
  • Exclusive promotional features in brand marketing materials
…and more!

$900.00 prize value for Monthly Finalist

  • 90 days of FREE product
  • 900 Vi Points (300 x 3 months)

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Simply refer 3 people to the same or greater kit, and get your next month’s kit for FREE. Every. Single. Month. 

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